Kitty Finegan produces memorable, mischievous, and occasionally timeless art; infused with colour, emotion and a dusting of Razzle Dazzle. Inspired by her love of vintage colour, she creates works in collections using a distinctive palette of pinks, greens, blues & yellows. Her work often includes black & white imagery and illustrations as a tribute to two of her great loves - comic strips and the 1960’s. 

Kitty’s artwork is intended to take you on a visual journey through the styles, culture and colour schemes of the 1950's 60's & 70's. She sprinkles her own blend of high-gloss 21st century glamour into the mix to encourage the viewer to decide which time zone the subject is from.

Her artistic intention is to simply delight viewers with imagery of female beauty. She intentionally presents women of different ages, ethnic origin and stature as beautiful, desirable creatures with their own story & persona to discover.

Her main work is in the creation of limited edition prints that are made using a range of printing methods including c-type, digital and hand-pulled silkscreens. She occasionally creates original art made on a one-off basis, and undertakes commissions for art, illustration and graphic design. Her work has been used to create products such as greeting cards, handbags, tents, speaker covers and silk scarves. 





Kitty Finegan is a UK Graphic Artist based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. She makes vintage inspired art with an emphasis on old fashioned glamour, eye-popping colour and usually includes a beautiful lady in her creations.

She studied Graphic Design at Northbrook College in Worthing, and spent over 20 years living in Brighton where she was part of a lively art community. She opened a Gallery in 2005 with her brother who is also an artist, and went on to exhibit her work at the UK & European events including the Glasgow Art Fair, Affordable Art Fairs in London, Bristol, Stockholm and New York. 


Inspiration & influences include: cowgirls, the films of Esther Williams, the victorian era, 1960's girlgroups, Las Vegas showgirls, vintage travel, roadside art, encyclopedia illustration, Glasgow, playing cards, pinball machines, The House of Pucci, The B52’s and Hanna-Barbera cartoons.

Kitty's favourite artists include Norman Rockwell, Jordi Labanda, Syd Brak, Tara McPherson, Robert Crumb, Marion Peck and the team of cartoonists who created the characters for The Beano Comics. This list would not be complete without including her good friend Simon Dixon who sadly passed away in 2017.

Her prints are in private collections throughout the UK and Ireland, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Boston and Naples. Her work has been featured in Vogue Italia, Men's Health Magazine and Latest Homes Magazine and has been featured on the front pages of The Sunday Times, Viva Magazine and as part of a feature on ITV's This Morning Show.


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